Mercier family

Tara (who’s a coworker and friend of mine) and I had been planning fall family photos for a while… we talked about it casually at work about a year ago and then chose our date at least a month ago. So the morning of our shoot date, I texted Tara to make sure everything was still a go. These guys are BUSY, so I wanted to confirm our plans before heading out. Imagine Gabriel’s surprise, when he got my text before Tara did (who was occupied at the pool at the time) and figured I must have texted the wrong person. Needless to say, amongst all the chaos, mentioning our shoot must have slipped her mind. It really wasn’t an issue though, as these guys are used to rolling with the punches. And man, those beautiful girls know how to strike a pose!

Had a hard time choosing, but here are some of my faves. <3