Tiff & Pete engagement

I lucked out again. Tiff & Pete are an amazing couple. They’re both smart, funny, passionate, driven people who together, make quite the power couple! They’re not exactly hard on the eyes either. 😉

Part of my job as a photographer is to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. I want people to feel like they can be candid so I can get natural looking photos of them, nothing too stiff or posed. What you may not realize looking at these photos though, is that I barely gave any direction at all to these guys. They’re confident on their own and they were so comfortable with each other that my job was easy.

I loved Tiff’s vision for these photos, which was a stylish, European vibe. It made me look at Halifax in a different way, which was a fun challenge! We had a great time walking around downtown and we were so happy it wasn’t raining- these guys were home from NL for the weekend so re-scheduling wasn’t really an option even though the forecast was rain for the entire weekend. The overcast skies were perfect throughout most of our session and when we finished on the top of Citadel, I couldn’t believe the sunset we got! I even had someone walking by congratulate me on the light! HAHA. Also, yes, Tiff walked around for 2 hours in those shoes, looking that classy the whole time and didn’t complain once – she’s amazing! 😀

*Tiff & Pete, thank you for trusting me with this job. Literally can’t wait to shoot you guys again in June!!!

**Tiff’s hair and makeup by Emalyn Latta.